Email settings - port number change

Your email settings need altering before Oct 1st 2019

We're currently working on some major improvements to the services we offer. Our aim is to make our entire range of products even more dependable, efficient and secure.

These enhancements are set to go live on October 1st 2019.

While that may seem like a long way off, there's a task you can carry out now to ensure that the upgrade runs as smoothly as possible and that you don't experience any problems.

What you need to do

If your outgoing server is currently using port 25 or 465, you will need to change the port to 587. We recommend using STARTTLS encryption.

You can keep your server name the same, it's just the port that needs to be updated.

When you need to do it

The sooner the better. These settings will work today. If you leave it until after the go-live date you won't be able to send any emails until you make the change.

In Outlook:

1 - choose the correct email account

2 - choose 'Server Settings' from the account settings menu

Outlook Account Information

then 1 - choose 'Outgoing Mail'

2 - change the port number to 587

3 - set the Encryption Method' to STARTTLS

click 'next' to confirm changes.

change port number