Rotary Official Licensee

Official licensee for Rotary International for use of our Rotary Club website templates, which benefit The Rotary Foundation

Official licensee of websites for Rotary International

We are an official licensee of Rotary International for the supply of websites for the benefit of The Rotary Foundation.

This scheme is available to clubs throughout the world and is available in 5 languages. 

For more information, please see

We also offer similar individual site templates for those who want to produce their own modern, attractive website with little or no technical knowledge. 

These sites enable you to configure the 'look and feel' of the site, altering colour schemes, google fonts etc whist doing all the 'tecchie' stuff in the background - for example, 

  • ensuring the site is responsive for viewing on all devices, 
  • optimised to be social-media friendly, 
  • search engine friendly, including the auto-generation of sitemaps to submit to Google, to ensure your site is found.

More details will be available, but have a look at which is a photography site I've set up to show the principles.