FTP settings

The ftp settings you need to transfer your website files to 121 Technology's servers.

Note that you will need to UNLOCK FTP before you can access the server.

In your FTP programme, you will need to use the following settings to transfer your files from your computer to 121 Technology's servers. These settings are shown in the control panel, if you forget them.

your ftp settingsIn the control panel, you can click on the password to reveal it (you can't in the screenshot!), then copy/paste it into place in your ftp programme. You can change the password any time you wish - but note it should be a mix of letters, numbers and symbols for security. You can also change the control panel login password.

So, use:

username: yourdomainname.com
password: ******
ftp server: ftp.yourdomainname.com
host directory: public_html

The host directory is the folder on the server where all your files must go. If you publish them elsewhere, then they will not be seen on the Internet.

When publishing your site, the 'home' page must be called index.htm, index,html, index.php, index.asp (Default.xxx also works as do a few other variants) - but if you call your home page 'mycompany.html' then visitors to the site would need to type www.yourdomainname.com/mycompany.html rather than just www.yourdomainname.com - so stick to index!