Photography from 121 Technology

Photographic services for clients of 121 Technology, part of the website design service.

If you're a photographer and want an easy to use website, where you can alter the colour schemes etc, see

Perhaps you run a bed and breakfast or hotel accommodation and need some interior photographs for your website? Or maybe some photos of local attractions?

We all know the adage 'a picture's worth a thousand words' and it's really true for your website; attractive pictures encourage your site visitors to look further - and hopefully convert a browse into a sale!

It's no good copying others' photography off the Internet, as this leaves you vulnerable to litigation for being in breach of copyright.

Maybe you plan to sell goods using an e-commerce site and need product photos?

These days, everyone's got a phone on their camera or a point-and-shoot, and obviously, if you want to supply your own pictures for your website, that's fine; I'm just highlighting that this is an additional service we can provide if required (and at a better quality than a phone!).

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